Creation - Drawings

Where the horizon floats...

By Léa Thomen

Graphic researches - graphite and dry pastel

Flesh, cells, seeds, essence of life and movement of the present, the body, the nature: everything is already there. Fascination... Agitated inside, revival of a perpetual work. Interpretation of it I choose to see, of what I imagine to see... In the assault of the unknown, do we give us confidence in the propaganda of useful dependence? Of any knowledge to master everything. In an intention to fix, to reassure and to control. Still let us wonder about the freedom of the choice that we have to imagine things differently. I wish to concern my look what there is inside, treasure of an inmost desire to draw the first pencil stroke, the first word, the first gesture, unprotected and the nude and blank of judgment. Escaping the restraint.