Dance - Choreography

The Crowned Poet

By Léa Thomen

Dance piece in homage to the work of Paul Klee.
Choreography and Interpretation by Léa Thomen (FR), music by Loris Binot (Piano and Moog), Joseph Ramacci (Trumpet and Percussions) and Emilie Škrijelj (Accordion).

The project of " The crowned Poet " and the performance is like a painting itself: it transmits the painting through the danced movement. In homage to Paul Klee and his puppets, this piece proposes an intimate relation between painting, drawing and a dance, which articulates around the birth of a character, at the same time an artist, a dancer, a traveler, a storyteller... Draw the dance, take shape, chalk, text, dance become extensions of the body, where from emanate a graphic language in movement in the present. A metamorphose of the puppet where the character search for integrity.

In an approach which connects artistic work, dance and poetry, extracts of the work of Rainer Maria Rilke are also sources of inspiration and peer into the performance. Rilke explores the intimate reason which determines the choices of existence which everyone can discover in itself. The poetry is here, so the dance, the painting are the ways of this inner conviction.

When we make a reference to Rainer Maria Rilke, Paul Klee, or other artists, dancers and writers they all brought memories, paintings and experiences of meetings from their journeys which represent an inexhaustible treasure of inspiration. Resuming the initial aspect of the character "masked, crowned", this play proposes, in the attention on marginal works, the main part of a testimony, sort of internal geography, a circum navigatio enriches from archipelagoes of the journey. I suggest exploring, under the shape of the performance, this work in future showing new meetings.

"Memory of my story, over there, I tell now the one from here…“


Kamel Maad


25 Minutes