Dance - Interpreter


By Fang-Yu Shen

"Rotkammertraum“ is a choreography based on the classic Chinese novel "The Dream of the Red Chamber“, by the poet Cao Xueqin, the 300th anniversary of whose birth is being celebrated in 2015. The production has been made possible by the Huaxia Tianxi Shengye (Beijing) International Investment Co., Ltd.

On 15th May 2015, the Folkwang Dance Studio (FTS) performed the premiere of a work by Fang Yu Shen in the New Aula at the Folkwang Essen-Werden Campus.

The premiere was inspired by the Beijing Cao Xueqin Society, who are planning various events around the world to celebrate Cao Xueqin on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the poet's birthday. The Folkwang University of the Arts had received a request to reflect the original book in a contemporary dance version from a European perspective. The premiere was attended by many prominent persons from China, including the Chinese Cultural Ambassador Ping Chen as well as Ms XiaoJing Zhang chairperson from the Huaxia Tianxi Shengye (Beijing) International Investment Co., Ltd., the company that provided the financial backing for the production.

"The Dream of the Red Chamber" is one of the most important novels in Chinese literature and dates back to the period of Imperial China 250 years ago. It deals with the rise and fall of an aristocratic Chinese family, with over 350 figures playing a role in the book. The choreographer and Folkwang graduate Fang-Yu Shen compressed the 18th century story down to sixteen protagonists, with ten dancers from the FTS and five guest dancers appearing in her version. The music to "ROTKAMMERTRAUM" was especially composed by Christian Jost. The Folkwang alumnus Günter Hellweg is responsible for stage and facilities.