Dance - Choreography

Narr in Trance

By Léa Thomen

The line as a trace of the movement.

In the occasion of the Exhibition „ Berlin Surreal, Camaro und das Künstler-Kabarett, Die Badewanne“, the Camaro* foundation suggests revisiting some numbers realized during the meetings of post-war artists (1949) in the Berlin cabaret "Die Badewanne“. Under forms of improvisations, the dance in the same way as the literature, the paint and the music met and shared together the scene. In which purpose: pass on the paint through the movement and the performance.

This initiative allowed Léa to undertake various projects which articulate around this dialogue between dance, paint and drawing. To connect dance and drawing, Léa Thomen decides to integrate the graphic tool ( dry chalks) in the body to explore the trace left by this medium during the improvised movement. These lines, these curves and these forms, seized and drawn by the dance, introduce the dialogue between the picture (painting or drawing) and the dancer.


Léa Thomen


Léa Thomen et Laurent Cros


8 minutes