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De profundis // L'horizon d'un marais

By Sébastien Molliex

Fenêtre sur Cour [s]

PROTOTYPE 1 one year program:

les espaces propices à l'apparition du chorégraphique- Royaumont Foundation

Research and choreographic Composition:

Hervé Robbe - Artistique Director of the Program

De profundis // l'horizon d'un marais

by Sébastien Molliex

de profundis l’horizon d’un marais is a crossing. Crossing of a singular space, Crossing of time, which generates a transformation of our look on a given place. Six women, on a green spread natural area, on the watch (on guard) in the landscape. To evoke the time, a mysterious rite fed by the history of the place: nuns and nurses during the World War I, or still Sister Anne, became sort of calls for the music of Jonathan Bell realized in double way, the recording vocal got in the body of the abbey and live singing. Between inside and the outside, the shadows and the memories, appear the horizon.

Musical proposition:

Jonathan Bell

With (as Dancers):

Audrey Bodiguel, Caroline Grosjean, Emillia Giudicelli, Ghislaine Louveau, Annabelle Pirlot Lisboa, Léa Thomen


Elise Chauvin

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