Dance - Interpreter

Happy few

By K Goldstein

Fenêtre sur Cour [s]

PROTOTYPE 1 one year program:

les espaces propices à l'apparition du chorégraphique- Royaumont Foundation

Research and choreographic Composition:

Hervé Robbe - Artistique Director of the Program

Composition by Maurizzio Azzan

This ills of the art, the syndrome of Stendhal, either still the epilepsy, other symptom of loss of the senses inspired the choreography of K Goldstein and the musical structure for the cello of the composition of Maurizio Azzan. Whereas the choreographer, regulates a danced duet in an ecstatic dialogue between the work and his observer, music and dance come into a reflection on the phenomena of the sensitive and the relation to works of art.


Claire Laverhne, Léa Thomen


Marie Ythier

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Compagnie Keatbeck