Dance - Interpreter

2.Cloitre et Manifest

By Emilia Giudicelli

Fenêtre sur Cour [s]

PROTOTYPE 1 one year program:

les espaces propices à l'apparition du chorégraphique- Royaumont Foundation

Research and choreographic Composition:

Hervé Robbe - Artistique Director of the Program

Body in immersion and amplified voice, Emilia Giudicelli's performance is interested in the gesture of demonstration. Which carries a community to take to the streets. Humor and uprising seize words, experiment supports, sense of the group and the questioning. What vision, which musicality to give to these charming and disillusioned movements? Voices and bodies, events and comments join to embody the strange subject and its curious agora.

Choreography and texts:

Emilia Giudicelli


Eloïse Deschemin


Ghislaine Louveau, Annabelle Pirlot, Léa Thomen, Emilia Giudicelli

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