Dance - Choreography


By Léa Thomen & Isabelle Federkeil

"This reflexion on the war isn’t what I want to give priority in my installation, it is more about a visualisation of internal and external driving forces of human movement "Bewegt“ - being in movement - and their individuals and collectives respectives expressions „ Isabelle Federkeil.

The artistic project named « Bewegt », put a look on the first world war. The historical subject interests particularly the german artist Isabelle Federkeil, with her surrounding and personal and professional relation with France.

This installation proposes an approach of duality confronting order and disorder. A mechanical and sound Sculpture "Die Fußmaschine“ come into dialogue with a heap of shoes arranged in 1,50m away from the Machine. Of this gathering of a chaotic mass, " the heap of shoes " arise a danced performance who suggests movement for an ultimate confrontation with the machine.

"Trampling of words, dialogues of the deaf, sound impacts, visual resonance?“ Isabelle Federkeil chooses the texts of Yvan Goll to sharpen the installation and invite the spectator to cross the line, to awake war memories, to remind the past life, printed from journeys of forced exiles, constant of all the conflicts.


Léa Thomen (Piano and Sounds), Laurent Cos (Thérémine)


Léa Thomen and Isabelle Federkeil

Captation/Video conception:

Kamel Maad (m3production)